This Spot of Blue        

Artist: Debbie Bechamp                                Music & Lyrics:  Peter Komisar        

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This Crazy World, This Spot of Blue

This crazy world, This spot of blue.
Where there is joy, And love so true.
Also sadness, and loneliness too
Out here on this spot of blue

People laugh, others cry,
Most are faithful, many cheat and lie
For some it's easy, others struggle along
On their path, on this spot of blue.

For richer or poorer, for better or worse
In good times and in bad
We're all bound to this Mother Earth,
This crazy spot of blue.

We laugh, we cry,
we live, we die
And we wonder, if there is more to life.
Maybe the promise, of something new

Beyond this spot of blue,
On this spot of blue.
This crazy spot of blue